BioWhittaker™ Specialty Media – Maximize Your Cell Growth and Productivity

BioWhittaker™ Specialty Media for cell culture applications

If your work leads to downstream therapeutic, diagnostic, or biopharmaceutical applications, serum-free media are the best choice for initiating your research studies.

BioWhittaker Specialty Media deliver outstanding performance, a broad selection, and consistent results, whether you need protein-free, non-animal origin (NA()) or chemically defined media.

Our ISO 9000 and ISO 13485 systems are recognized industry wide.

BioWhittaker Serum-free Media deliver unique benefits:

  • Consistent results
  • Elimination of FBS lot qualification
  • Elimination of FBS-borne mycoplasma and virus contamination
  • Simplified downstream purification
  • Reduced regulatory burdens
  • Maximal yields
  • Produced according to cGMP