eBook nucleofection

Welcome to our eBook on Electroporation. This eBook explores the applications of electroporation and investigates how advanced electroporation technologies, such as nucleofection, can overcome challenges when working with difficult-to-transfect cell types.

Contents include:

INTERVIEW Beyond the barrier: an interview about non-viral transfection

REVIEW Mesenchymal stem cells modifications for enhanced bone targeting and bone regeneration.

POSTER Inducible Cas9 T cells: An innovative platform for allogenic CAR-T cell generation.

RESEARCH ARTICLE Efficient transient genetic labeling of human CD34+ progenitor cells for in vivo application.

POSTER Efficient transfection and sustained long term functionality of primary hepatocytes.

REVIEW CRISPR-mediated modification of DNA methylation pattern in the new era of customer therapy.

BENCHMARK Evaluation protocol for CRISPR/Cas9-mediated CD 19 knockout GM24385 cells by flow cytometry and Sanger sequencing.

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